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Launch Instructions

Page history last edited by laura 11 years, 5 months ago

Hi Everyone!


Launch date is just a few days away and the site is ready to go!  and as I mentioned in an email or so back, we'd like you all to post about it in your blogs on launch date.


Posting About the Launch
There are lots of different ideas for what you can mention in your launch post.  A few different examples are shown here:

 Some elements you might mention in your post:

1. Site's Place -  We see it as being aimed at the 95% of people who don't subscribe to blogs but are interested in this content.  It's a way they can more easily find that content.  It's also an aide to bloggers in terms of organizing their content.
Naturally it's best to put how you see the site, for example.
2. Include links to the other bloggers who are Featured and helping to launch it.
3. Add some examples of interesting differences in keywords of different bloggers
4. Explain how keywords help me organize my content
5. Explain how the site presents best content based on social signals
I realize that's a lot ... so it's best to write what you find natural.

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